Concept & script

Carefully developed messaging to be darkly comical yet informative, applying industry trends to new technology that doesn't take itself too seriously but provides benefit to all users.

Establish look & feel

Established the look and feel of not only the spot, but the brand as well. The modern color palette and surreal set design paired perfectly with the sarcastic tone of voice and website.

Value added content

From this brand video, Wing Woman's team was able to create digital advertisements for their ad buy in order to drive traffic to their page and advertise on social media effectively.

Shawn Sheikh, Founder

Lure took our product and helped build the brand voice, developing messaging around our criteria and bringing industry trends to the table for us to consider. With their keen eye they helped to establish our look & feel, and create a video that we could use not only for our website, but for digital advertisements for maximum ROI.