Concept & script

Working with their marketing team, we were able to effectively utilize their budget to film multiple locations critical to telling the story of nature connection.

Celebrate a milestone

We crafted messaging around the 20th anniversary of Wilderness Youth Project meant to celebrate their organization while showcasing the importance of their mission and work.

Appeal to donors

Premiering at their 20th anniversary gala, the impact of the video attracted new donors and the ancillary visual assets were used in PR and marketing initiatives to drive donations.

Michelle Howard, Development Director

Our experience with Lure could not have been better. Their energy, creativity, and can-do attitude helped us create a powerful video that beautifully tells the story of our organization. This video garnished thousands of views and was a crucial tool in a very successful fundraising campaign that attracted new donors and strengthened our organizational capacity. This was our first video of this quality and we regularly hear feedback about the impact it makes on our audience.