Santa Barbara Zoo

500 Animals. 30 Acres.


Explore the wonders of the natural world at the Santa Barbara Zoo, where the beauty of the wildlife is matched only by the lush grounds and sweeping views. Located just two miles from State Street, this 30-acre park is home to more than 146 species, including mammals, reptiles, birds and insects, exhibited in open, naturalistic habitats overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains. 

  • Edit & animate content for social media channels

  • Produce video coverage for high profile events

  • Optimize content by platform

Goals & objectives

The Australian Walkabout at the Santa Barbara Zoo is a truly unique, immersive experience for zoo-goers and needed to be advertised in a broadcast commercial that matched the Zoo's funny and punny nature.

Santa Barbara Zoo "Welcome to the Australian Walkabout"
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Clickable advertisements

Create content for both social media feeds and for event promotions, elevating the Zoo's promotional efforts, increasing both visitor and event attendance across the board.

Social friendly content

Experts at social media on their own, the internal marketing team looked to us to increase the effectiveness and quality of their video content, often for specific animals or events.

Content optimization

Create assets to be used on multiple platforms and for different advertisements including short form content (:08, :15, :30 and :60) in square, traditional, and vertical aspect ratios.


Kevin Nuss, Director of Marketing

Lure Digital is our go-to for all things production. Whether it is for digital video, broadcast advertisements, or something completely different, we know we will get exactly what we need from the Lure team. Aside from the top-tier quality of their content, they are fantastic to work with and are always responsive and collaborative throughout the process.