Our story

Lure Films officially started in January of 2011. Founded by Ky Schultz, the business took on many Santa Barbara based clients. First simply a production company, Lure Films started with the goal of creating any type of video that a corporation needed, at a price that fit their budget. As Lure began to gain larger clients (such as Verizon), the team began to grow into much more than just a sole entrepreneurship.

Bria Little joined in 2015, and the business continued to expand dramatically. In November, Lure moved into a studio in Hollywood, where we filmed our first large scale commercial production with 16 pigeons and an ostrich.
However, Lure was still just a production company. We noticed that we were creating compelling content for clients, but they were not utilizing their videos to their fullest potential. That’s when Lure Films began to pivot from a production company to a digital content marketing agency and became the company it is today: Lure Digital.

Today, we are Lure Digital

Lure is an award-winning digital content marketing agency staffed by content creators and strategists. Staying true to our roots, quality content is at the core of every campaign we create. However, we have added value to our services by now offering social media strategy and management that goes in to effectively utilizing digital content.


We can act as just content creators, or just as social content strategists. Ideally, however, we prefer to provide full end to end strategy, content creation, and management services. Our main goal is to create content for an extremely specific audience to help clients attain their content, marketing and advertising benchmarks using thoughtful, creative and quality work that helps brands

rise above the white noise of the modern digital landscape.


Our team


Ky Schultz

Founder, CEO

Ky founded Lure and is deeply involved in all aspects of our brand. Find him dirt biking on the weekends with his family.


Rachael Mattice

Content Strategist

Rachael oversees all things in the content and social media world. She also loves metal and will photograph your band.


Chris Kas

Editor & Animator

Chris is really tall.

He edits videos well.

Say hello to him.

...it's a haiku.


Bria Little

Creative Director, COO

Bria heads our productions and is integral in growing the Lure brand. She enjoys photography, feminism and desert camping.


Nikita Patel

Account Manager

Niki manages productions and client relations. She loves traveling, yoga and playing with her two dogs: Kobe and Max.


Steve Boghoskhan


Steven isn't as tall as Chris.

He also edits videos well.

Say hello to him.

...and ask him about his chili oil!