Ky Schultz

Founder, CEO

Ky founded Lure and is deeply involved in all aspects of our brand. Find him dirt biking on the weekends with his family.

Rachael Mattice

Content Strategist

Rachael oversees all things in the content and social media world. She also loves metal and will photograph your band.

Chris Kas

Editor & Animator

Chris is really tall.

He edits videos well.

Say hello to him.'s a haiku.

Bria Little

Creative Director, COO

Bria heads our productions and is integral in growing the Lure brand. She enjoys photography, feminism and desert camping.

Nikita Patel

Account Manager

Niki manages productions and client relations. She loves traveling, yoga and playing with her two dogs: Kobe and Max.

Steve Boghoskhan


Steven isn't as tall as Chris.

He also edits videos well.

Say hello to him.

...and ask him about his chili oil!