Clean Nutrition Made with the Highest Quality Ingredients

Orgain is dedicated to ensuring you have the nutrition you need to lead a healthy, vibrant life. Whether your needs call for plant or dairy protein, powders or shakes, meal replacement, muscle recovery or anything in between, Orgain products promise to be the cleanest and highest quality options available.

  • Create video for grant initiative

  • Create social friendly photographs

  • Animate digital assets for videos and in feed posts

Goals & objectives

Concept & script

Develop a video concept and script that encourages people to apply for the Grants for Greater Good program, one of Orgain's main charitable initiatives for 2020.

Content optimization

Create assets to be used on multiple platforms and for different advertisements including short form content (:08, :15, :30 and :60) in square, traditional, and vertical aspect ratios.

Social photography

Develop and create photographs in Orgain's existing style for blog posts and recipes, showcasing their various products and commitment to living healthy, vibrant lives.