Nu Finish

Cleans. Repairs. Protects.

Nu Finish's top-rated polishes, detailing products and protectants will help clean, repair and protect your car’s finish giving it that long-lasting showroom shine. See how Nu Finish's car-care products keep millions of loyal customers satisfied year after year.

  • Create social friendly photographs

  • Animate digital assets for videos and in feed posts

  • Manage social media accounts for Facebook & Instagram

Goals & objectives

Follower growth increase

Develop & create content elevating existing style for social feeds, showcasing products, how to use them and their effectiveness; resulting in a 30x increase of followers in the first 3 weeks.

Content management

Working with the Nu Finish internal marketing team, we develop posting strategies and create assets that correspond with their overall marketing needs while posting and managing accounts.

Dynamic content

With a rigorous posting schedule, we put a premium on content assets that are informational and highly branded in order to create a consistent visual for their social brand voice.