Hillside House

Fostering Abilities, Creating Community

People with disabilities and their families count on Hillside to provide quality care, independence and integration within our community. Hillside strives to advance the potential of each resident by fostering abilities and creating community.


For our 59 residents, Hillside is home.

  • Develop social media calendar

  • Create photo and video assets for digital and broadcast

  • Post and maintain social channels

Goals & objectives

Educate & inform

One of Hillside's main social media goals is to post about resident daily lives and activities in order to connect with parents and relatives who are interested in real time updates.

Appeal to donors

Because care and compassion is inherent to everything Hillside does, by posting consistent on social media we keep this organization top of mind for donors in the community.

Brand awareness

Creating both photo and video assets, paired with thoughtful captions, allows us to color the Hillside experience and share their commitment to advancing the potential of each resident. 


Michael Padden-Rubin, M.S., Director of Development

Lure Digital is creative, responsive and supportive. Thanks to their efforts, awareness of Hillside, a home for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is growing in Santa Barbara. This partnership is producing impressive results, and for that we are grateful.