Concept & script

By closely collaborating with the G|R team, we were able to unveil their true company culture and integrate seamlessly into it in order to tell the story of their brand's impact on the industry.

Refresh brand reputation

As a longtime leader in direct marketing, Guthy|Renker needed to appeal to millennial and Gen Z'ers to showcase their relevance. We captured the essence of G|R, keeping them modern & coveted.

Value added content

This video had an unexpected result of encouraging positive morale for current employees and was shared actively amongst the internal team with pride and renewed excitement for G|R.

Eric Deutsch, Senior Vice President

Lure did an exceptional job collaborating with our Guthy-Renker team. Ky, Bria and the Lure team helped create an amazing video that highlights our company culture and positioned us as a hip, cool brand that candidates definitely want to work for. The video not only increased applications, it encouraged positive morale within our Guthy-Renker staff. Lure definitely exceeded our expectations and we look forward to our next project with them!