Clickable advertisements

Create a series of short form :15 and :30 videos for social media advertisements that encourage people to click through to the Corpus natural deodorants website.

Content optimization

Deliver assets in social friendly aspect ratios to maximize performance: 1x1, 9x16 and 16x9. This allowed Corpus to deliver ads on any platform, choosing the most effective.

Build brand awareness

Because these videos were ultimately used as advertisements, it was important to "cast" people on the street who fit the Corpus brand look & feel, which we did.

J.P. Mastey, Founder

Working with Lure Digital was not only highly successful (the ads that we created ended up being our most successful in terms of ROAS on Facebook), but we learned so much by getting there perspective on best practices when it came to video ads. I think the best compliment we can give Lure is that we thoroughly ENJOY working with them, and expect to come back to them for future video content.